• The BicikeLJ bike sharing system has 35 rental spots, which are stationed at a distance of approximately 300 to 500 meters from one other, easily accessible and perfect for braving shorter distances. The comfortable bikes are easy to use and are great for going about your daily routes. The bikes are made of weather- and wear-resistant materials, while our maintenance staff makes sure that they run smoothly without fail.

    Every rental spot in BTC City Ljubljana has 20 floor-mounted bike locks.

    The floor-mounted locks serve as bike stands. Upon returning the bike – locking it into the stand – you will hear a sound signal and a light will go on on the stand. This will let you know that you have returned the bike successfully.

    The BicikeLJ bike sharing system is at your disposal 24 hours per day, all 7 days of the week. Regardless of whether you use it frequently or only sporadically, subscribers may rent bikes without restrictions.


    For subscribers, the first 60 minutes of each bike rental are free of charge. For every subsequent hour of use, they are charged according to the hourly rental tariff. Additional information on rental prices is available online. Payment is made by drawing the due amount from your bank account.

    The BicikeLJ bike sharing system presents users with the options of a yearly or a weekly subscription.

    • Yearly subscription: 3.00 EUR (Urbana card or credit card needed)
    • Weekly subscription: 1.00 EUR (credit card needed)

    Note: Subscriptions may only be bought online.

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